EXCLUSIVE: Blue Pain Reveals Why He Unmasked

Blue Pain (FKA Blue Kane) reveals why he decided to unmask

One year on from Blue Pain (FKA Blue Kane) taking wrestling social media by storm, the giant unmasked on May 19, revealing they were Wrestling Memes all along! The unmasking happened at a Pro Wrestling EAST show in Cambridge, England. 

Speaking with Cultaholic Wrestling's Tom Campbell, Blue Pain revealed why he unmasked:

"I wanted to do this on my own terms. I had two cease-and-desists. That is not a joke, that actually happened. One was after things went a little insane and I got one million views doing a little bit of snow and the second one came about 45 minutes after GCW put out a match graphic announcing me as Blue Kane. That was a little bit of a back-and-forth to get that to happen but once we kind of established Blue Pain as something different I was kind of thinking I'm wrestling Matt Cardona, in the best way possible it's all downhill from here. I mean that as an incredible compliment to Matt Cardona. I was just at a point where if they [WWE] come at me again, I don't want to be like, 'Oh by the way that was me.' I want to be able to do the whole spiel. We started the parody, I want to finish it in the correct way.

"Why Pro Wrestling EAST? I had been in the midst of a storyline where I as Memes was trying to find Blue Pain. I called him out the show before but a legally non-distinct Sub Zero-esque character came out instead and I beat him. There had been a whole plan for me to eventually get squashed by Blue Pain but then all this stuff happened."

Moving forward, Blue Pain will look to capture the Pro Wrestling EAST Championship at the promotion's upcoming shows. 

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