More On QT Marshall's AEW Exit

More details have emerged on QT Marshall's resignation from AEW

QT Marshall announced recently that he was resigning from AEW, completing all his duties and going his own way at the end of 2023. There has been talk over the past week in terms of his reasons, such as disagreeing with AEW’s more “NJPW style” direction and also perhaps wanting to go to WWE.

In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer offered more insight into why QT Marshall made this decision, and what his potential next steps could be. The crux of it is due to Marshall wanting to wrestle more, and he wasn’t being offered that chance in AEW - he only competed six times on AEW TV programming in 2023. Marshall’s recent part-time status in AAA has been due to him wanting more opportunities to compete, and Konnan has eyed Marshall and Sam Adonis as two men he can build as the new Gringo Locos. 

AAA is an option, but Marshall is reportedly eyeing WWE, wanting to get the chance of working there before he gets too old. It is noted by Meltzer that Marshall is close to Rhodes, and their Nightmare Factory could well become a feeding ground for WWE, though no deal is in place and nothing has been discussed in terms of that.

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Written by Andrew Kelly