10 Best Becky Lynch WWE Matches

From NXT to the main roster, The Man has impressed…

6. Vs. Bayley (NXT, 12 August 2015)


This number one contender’s match for Sasha’s NXT Women’s title would lead to Bayley capturing the gold in what is considered one of the seminal women’s matches in WWE history. Before then, Bayley had to outlast fellow Horsewoman Lynch in what turned out to be a pretty excellent match in its own right, while Banks looked on from the commentary desk.

Lynch exploited a wrist injury of Bayley’s, using that as the impetus to work the arm over even further, trying to set up for the Dis-Arm-Her. But Bayley valiantly fought back with her usual high level of determination. The Hugger ended up getting the pin off of a simple submission reversal. NXT had been doing the Women’s Revolution justice long before the main show got with the program, and it was evident in their weekly fare.

5. Vs. Charlotte (Hell In A Cell 2018)


Even at this point in time, I don’t think even the most devoted Becky fan understood just how big of a deal she was going to become in the two months following. Becky’s championship win over the suddenly-maligned Charlotte feels like it was just yesterday, with the San Antonio crowd hailing her as though she were the second coming.

Little touches like Becky pulling out the Pentagon Armbreaker took this match to another level, which didn’t have it so easy trying to follow the torture-filled Cell match between Randy Orton and Jeff Hardy. Becky’s clean win was a bit of a surprise, given how WWE seemed to want to position her as the clear villain, but when her flippant dismissal of Charlotte in the aftermath earned huge cheers, it became clear that Becky would never be the heel.

4. Vs. Charlotte, Sasha Banks (WrestleMania 32)


One salvageable positive from a heavily-lambasted WrestleMania was the Women’s title match, which was not only arguably the best match on the card, but also the first all-women match from any WrestleMania to go beyond 10 minutes. Charlotte, Banks, and Lynch were given 16 minutes to show why women deserved the same opportunities as their male counterparts in wrestling, and they made them all count.

The break-ups of sequences between any two given participants were generally creative, making it hard to figure out just who was going to come out on top. In particular, the top-rope Fisherman’s Suplex from Lynch toward the end stood out. Most would argue that this should’ve been Sasha’s moment, given the dedication to Eddie Guerrero, but alas. This was easily the best women’s match in WrestleMania history to that point, and all three deserve respect for raising that bar.

Justin Henry

Written by Justin Henry

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