10 Best Royal Rumble Finishes In WWE History

From shock returns to double-swerves, we look at the most thrilling Rumble endings ever…


Ask almost any wrestling fan about the Royal Rumble, and it’s fair to assume that their eyes will light up in glee. There’s something about that heady mix of over-the-top-rope eliminations and staggered entrances that just sets the soul on fire, you know?

But if we just stop and think about the history of the match, it’s apparent that the Rumble is a wildly inconsistent beast. In the weeks leading up to each, we imagine it to be fantastic and fun – and some are. Some, on the other hand, are incredibly disappointing.

However, there’s one factor that can save even the biggest wet fart of a Rumble: the finish.

Yes, WWE may not have delivered quality Royal Rumbles on as consistent a basis as we’d like, but they’ve certainly experimented with all manner of exciting endings. From overtime to double-winners, shock returns to marathon feats of endurance, January often provides some of the most surprising moments of WWE’s calendar year.

Let’s take a look at the 10 best finishes in Royal Rumble history – and remember, that doesn’t necessarily mean the match itself was a good one. It may have just ended with a bang.

(Some of these Rumbles are brilliant though, obviously.)

10. 1995


The 1995 Rumble is one of the shortest and weakest ever, but at least benefitted from a compelling ending sequence.

It’s a shame that the first no. 1 winner came about in such a poor match, but the final showdown between Shawn Michaels and the British Bulldog was unquestionably compelling.

We’d seen last-minute switcheroos already by this stage in Rumble history – even from ’88, where a charging One Man Gang was outfoxed by Jim Duggan – but this was on another level. Davey Boy hurled HBK over the top rope and turned to celebrate with his music playing.

Then, of course, HBK dangled there, allowing only one of his feet to touch the floor, before scrambling back into the ring and knocking Davey Boy off the turnbuckle. It may not have been an ideal Rumble by any stretch of the imagination, but the finish was certainly a spectacular one.

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