10 Best WarGames Matches Of All Time

From NWA, to WCW, to WWE NXT…


Many stipulations today have a history of violence, intensity, and sheer drama – from Hell in a Cell to Elimination Chamber to any number of variations on the independent scene. Every single one owes something to the WarGames match.

A Dusty Rhodes invention – having been inspired by the movie Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome – its classic double-ring steel cage format has become synonymous with team-based brutality over the decades.

There have been countless WarGames-style bouts over the years, and although we’re only taking official NWA, WCW, and WWE versions into account here, many others are well worth checking out. ROH and CZW waged inter-promotional war in a similar set-up, while TNA’s Lockdown 2007 event saw Team Angle and Team (Christian) Cage do its parent stipulation justice.

But now its time to focus on WarGames’ official canon, from 1987 to the modern day, by way of WCW’s WrestleWar and Fall Brawl events.

Strap yourself in, and prepare for a lot of blood, steel, and utter carnage.

10. nWo Vs. The Four Horsemen – WCW Fall Brawl 1997


Although a decent match, this nWo vs. Horsemen bout was badly let down a predictable turn at the very end. Curt Hennig’s switch from the Horsemen to the New World Order overshadowed an otherwise decent contest, preventing it from placing higher on this list.

Still, despite flaws with the booking, its execution was admittedly good. Earlier in the night, the nWo had ‘jumped’ Hennig and cast doubt on his appearance in the match. When he finally arrived as the last entrant on the Horsemen team, he removed his sling to reveal a pair of handcuffs.

These were used to the nWo’s sordid advantage, and a heelish victory was secured when Hennig threatened to smash the cage door on Flair’s head if his teammates refused to submit. Steve McMichael relented…only for Hennig to do it anyway!

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