10 Best WWE Angles That Lasted All Summer Long

We’re on the road to SummerSlam…


As Vince McMahon would say in those more innocent days of barely-existing kayfabe, “IT’S SUMMMMMER TIIIIIIME!”. You remember summer as a kid – no obligations, no stress, just running around outdoors with your buddies, taking part in all sorts of sports and activities that inevitably led to one or more of you guys being seriously injured. Because what was summer if it wasn’t a time for one of your neighbourhood chums nearly dying in a game of capture-the-flag gone awry?

For a wrestling fan, the arrival of the season means that SummerSlam is just around the corner, and that generally means good things. For 30 years, SummerSlam has held a vital spot on WWE’s schedule, as many of the storylines that built up over those warmer months would (usually) culminate just in time for the start of football season, as well as the first day of school.

Even before SummerSlam earned prime real estate on WWE’s calendar, the summer months had been a plum spot for some of WWE’s most memorable feuds to play out, whether for championship gold, or over personal issues. This list will take a look back at some of the best summertime scores that have needed settling over the last few decades.

10. Triple H Vs. Kurt Angle (2000)


This one loses some points because the angle didn’t really take shape until well into July, when Angle began showing outward affection toward Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie seemed to reciprocate Angle’s kindness platonically, but turned to him a little more when Triple H and Trish Stratus were caught in some compromising positions.

You know an angle is special when The Rock takes a backseat to the two heels in a Triple Threat WWE Championship main event (with Rock as champion, no less), but that’s just what happened at the 2000 SummerSlam. The McMahon-Helmsley-Angle love triangle was credited for piquing the interest of a number of female viewers, prior to its rather abrupt conclusion at Unforgiven 2000. In the meantime, however, the distrust, miscommunications, and outright hostility between the three made for great TV.

Justin Henry

Written by Justin Henry

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