10 Best WWE NXT Superstars Of 2018 So Far

Dream’s over – but who else is?


As much as every year feels like a banner year for NXT, 2018 actually has been a banner year for NXT.

Despite it only being July, the stars of WWE’s best brand have provided us with a boatload of excellent matches, feuds, and moments – all centred around three monstrously good TakeOver shows in Philadelphia, New Orleans, and Chicago.

(Especially the New Orleans one, though.)

In doing so, not only have the NXT Superstars helped continue their brand’s outrageous run of form, they’ve also raised their own stock.

In six months alone, we’ve seen breakout performances, monumental title changes, and one of the most intense feuds in WWE history,

However, although NXT naturally acts as a Superstar’s introductory period, sometimes it can seem like the highlight of their WWE career. It would be difficult to argue, for example, that Asuka, Bayley, or Nakamura have enjoyed a richer experience on Raw and SmackDown than they did at Full Sail.

So while this list might give some indication of WWE’s future megastars, it could also prove a little misleading. There seems to be no way of telling how a wrestler will fare on the main roster, but at least we can confidently enjoy them down in NXT.

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10. Moustache Mountain


For a tag team whose schedule doesn’t see them appear in NXT all too often, Tyler Bate and Trent Seven have certainly made a big impression.

This year, the NXT tag division has been entirely dominated by the Undisputed Era – and I wouldn’t dare complain about that. However, as we all know, heels and babyfaces are nothing without each other.

Moustache Mountain acted as the perfect heroes, blending wit and talent to get a partly unfamiliar US audience onside. Of course, their crowning moment came back in the UK, as they finally defeated Kyle O’Reilly and Roddy Strong to take the NXT Tag Team Championship.

Unfortunately, as we’ve just seen, that reign didn’t last too long at all – and with the win coming under strange circumstances, could this be the beginning of the end for Bate and Seven’s partnership?

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