10 Career-Making Moments For WWE Superstars

From Ultimate Warrior, to Becky Lynch, to Stone Cold Steve Austin – Superstars are born…


When Charlotte was added to the SmackDown Women’s title match at SummerSlam this year, the Becky Lynch loyalists let out murmured groans. Here was Becky’s big moment being usurped by somebody that the office apparently had much more faith in as a “face” of a division, and this didn’t sit well with that crowd. Their displeasure became much more evident when Charlotte scored the winning pinfall, capturing “Becky’s” belt.

And then it happened: Becky, after feigning good sportsmanship in the aftermath, smacked Charlotte across the face. To blindly hear the crowd reaction was to assume that a cure for all disease had been discovered, because the assembled mass in Brooklyn lost their collective minds, approving of Becky’s violent outburst. From then on, Becky has been nothing short of a producer of gold, building a deeper fanbase while captivating them further through her well-honed new attitude and social media savvy.

You could say that the heel turn at SummerSlam was the moment that *made* Becky, turning her toward the direction that has garnered her more attention, support, and momentum than at any prior point in her career. For fun, let’s take a look at some WWE icons from the previous few decades, and look at the moments that steered *them* toward being forever-made stars.

10. The Warrior’s Way


For 15 months, nobody could get the Intercontinental title off from Honky Tonk Man’s damn waist. The conniving and cowardly Elvis impersonator had always managed to escape high-profile beatings with his gold in tact – Randy Savage, Ricky Steamboat, Brutus Beefcake, and others found themselves unable to wrest the strap from the grinning annoyance that was Honky Tonk.

When The Ultimate Warrior stormed the ring at SummerSlam 1988, he was answering an open challenge issued by the overconfident crooner, and needed only 30 seconds to crush Honky in order to win the belt. Warrior’s ascent to the top of WWE was boosted by this win, as he was not only undeniably cool due to his uncontained fury, but he also solved the maddening riddle that was Honky’s despotic grip on the belt. When he ended Honky, Warrior built his own star for life.

Justin Henry

Written by Justin Henry

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