10 Greatest Australian Exports In WWE History

Let’s have a look at the best from Down Under ahead of WWE Super Show-Down…


WWE Super Show-Down is tomorrow and we’re mere hours away from the event that will give us the final-ever Undertaker vs. Triple H showdown (so that rumour goes), along with a rare John Cena match, and plenty of other action encompassing the main roster brands. Emanating from the Melbourne Cricket Ground, it goes without saying that this show is a huge deal for WWE, which they’re billing “The Biggest WWE Live Event Ever in Australia”.

WWE’s run some notable events down in Australia in the past (Global Warning, the big tour in 1986), and beyond just visiting Down Under, they’ve also featured a number of Australian-born performers on their cards over the years. Today, Australia is well-represented through the WWE ranks, while it was admittedly a bit scarcer in years previous to see those Oceanic imports on company programming.

This list will be a bit of a timeline, exploring the representation that Australia has had on the WWE roster through the years. There are some iconic (literally) wrestlers on this list, as well as a few that have been lost to history. We’re getting into the Super Show-Down spirit here at Cultaholic, and we continue the festiveness with this look at WWE’s history of Australian wrestlers.

10. Nathan Jones


You can see why WWE would want to hire Jones, considering that from a physical standpoint, he made Brock Lesnar look like one of the neglected Cruiserweight division stars of the time. Standing 6’10” and weighing in at well over 300 pounds, Jones fine-tuned his physique by taking up powerlifting while incarcerated following the conviction for several armed robberies.

Jones’ superhuman physique and lupine glare got him looks from the wrestling world, and in 2002, he was lured away from the short-lived World Wrestling All-Stars promotion and into the WWE fold. Vignettes that portrayed Jones as a well-read psychopath that had now been released into society were exceptionally well-done, but unfortunately, he couldn’t back up the intriguing build. Jones’ ring work was considered subpar, and he was even pulled from WrestleMania XIX due to his greenness. In December 2003, Jones quit the promotion, largely due to exhaustion from the heavy travel schedule.

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Written by Justin Henry

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