10 Greatest Moments Of The Big Show’s WWE Career

The World’s Largest Athlete’s contract reportedly expired at the end of February…


The Big Show is the greatest giant of all time. There, I said it.

While I would class the likes of The Undertaker and Kane – men who are ONLY nearly seven feet tall – as ‘very big men’, Show is the greatest in a class of professional wrestler that includes the likes of The Great Khali, Giant Gonzalez, and yes, Andre The Giant… hear me out.

Andre definitely is a bigger legend in the business with a mystique and iconic status arguably not matched by anyone, but Show was just a better athlete and wrestler. That’s all I’ve got there… that’s not to discredit Andre’s athleticism from his younger years before the miles put on his body by the business took hold… I’m just digging myself a GIANT hole here…

I believe that Big Show has been a victim of his own health, willingness to work, and willingness to put the company before himself. Andre was an attraction in the territory age where he would pick and choose his spots so he wouldn’t be seen too many times throughout the year by the same sets of eyes. This meant that when he came to town it was always a special occasion, a luxury The Big Show never had access to. With the way the business evolved, all seven feet of Andre’s son – lol, WCW – was seen three or more times a week on occasion meaning the novelty that is the sheer size of the man was lost pretty quickly. Seeing him hit an Elbow Drop off the top turnbuckle or leap over the ropes just to get into the ring, for example, was a spectacle lost quicker than it should have been due to the regularity of his appearances in front of a global audience.

Then we have the turns – oh my goodness the turns… Show’s ego, or lack thereof, meant that he didn’t mind filling a role no matter what role it was or if it made much sense. He’s been a real team player for so long even though he himself will admit that being more selfish would have helped his cause in the eyes of a pretty damning WWE Universe – aye, I heard you chanting “please retire” at him, you bastards!

They often say that you don’t know what you have till it’s gone and if the rumours are indeed true that Big Show’s last WWE contract ended with no fanfare at the end of February and he hasn’t re-signed, surely that famous saying will ring true when it comes to the World’s Largest Athlete in time.

I just really like The Big Show, OK?! I feel he’s terribly underappreciated, much like oxygen. Here are his 10 best WWE moments from a pretty eventful 19-year run – and no we’re not focussing on the bad stuff like Bossman interrupting his father’s kayfabe funeral, Eddie Guerrero giving him the trots or that time he cried like I do most evenings just before bed.

10. Destroying The Titantron With Stone Cold Steve Austin


Michael Cole described the Raw Titantron as “the crown jewel of Mr McMahon’s Corporation” and I’m not sure how I feel about that. It’s a projector that you can buy from the shops…

After Stone Cold Steve Austin had his WWF Championship taken from him by The Corporation, Shane McMahon teased the Texas Rattlesnake by having an image of the iconic Smoking Skull design showing on the tron.

‘Balls to this,’ Steve thought to himself, telling Jim Ross that if Shane did that again he would cost the WWF hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Later in the night, Big Show was facing The Corporation’s Triple H and The Rock before Chyna got involved in the action. The run-in forced Stone Cold to come out to defend Big Show, and in turn, saw Simba – as Shane was nicknamed back then – display Austin’s title on the tron once more.

‘Balls to this,’ Steve thought to himself as he and Show walked up to the top of the ramp. Show pulled down the tron – even though it was quite clearly a man with a button backstage was doing all of the heavy pulling down for him – which allowed Austin to rip the big screen to bits with a very long black pole.

The visuals at the end of this little segment really did look pretty cool and gave new meaning to Steve Austin being shredded… almost. That was terrible. Sorry.

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