10 Moments WWE Superstars Definitely Should Have Been Arrested

Like, for real…


Really, this list could be 6,000 entries long, and we’d still be missing some of the more obvious examples. Professional wrestling exists within a flexible reality, where sometimes a wrestler can be arrested for doing something heinous, but usually not. The Attitude Era was good for this, as you were generally greeted with images of wrestlers doing reprehensible things that would get you sent to the clink in real life, but in the world of wrestling, it’s all par for the course.

And think about what wrestlers have gotten away with: breaking and entering, assault and battery, theft, death threats, and even attempted murder. Or, depending on the example, *actual* murder, as long as the storyline is supernatural enough to be genuinely upsetting. This is also the same industry in which its fans argue whether or not a match that they rated ***3/4 is disappointing because it wasn’t the ****1/2 gem that they were expecting.

The following list in which WWE main event stars have very clearly broken the law in order to get revenge on an enemy. Bear in mind that this list is pretty light-hearted and tongue-in-cheek because in pro wrestling, absurdity is the norm. If a guy can throw people using his sentient genitalia, why should we bother getting upset over a televised carjacking?

10. Austin Makes House Calls (1996)


The sugary pap that was the kid-friendly New Generation began taking a darker turn when Stone Cold Steve Austin started his ascent up the card. His salty language and violent tendencies were an affront to the WWE fare of the time, and that was fine. This Austin resonated with the people, even if his participation in one particular angle was a bit questionable.

After breaking Brian Pillman’s ankle in an in-ring incident, Austin announced that he was planning on ‘paying a visit’ to the home of his former Hollywood Blondes partner. He assaulted Pillman’s friends outside the home, then ended up breaking in through a locked door at the back of the Loose Cannon Estate, before storming into the living room where it was revealed that Pillman had a gun. You may be surprised to learn that USA Network executives had a *long* talk with Vince after this one.

Justin Henry

Written by Justin Henry

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