10 Most Beautiful WWE Championship Belts Of All Time

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One of the great things about the WWE2K games is the array of championship belts that can be fought over by the wrestlers of your choosing. Wanna pit the War Raiders against The Authors of Pain for the old WCW Tag Team belts? Go ahead. Wanna institute an anything-goes eight-man ECW Championship ladder match to determine the hardest of the hardcores? Have at it. Desire to send some of your favourite under-pushed wrestlers back down to NXT to compete for the gold down there? It’s your game; you dropped 60 bucks on it.

In looking through the different golden prizes on the game, it really does hit you how many different eye-catching designs have graced the waists of wrestling’s champions over the years, and they truly do run the gamut of quality. Some belts stand out boldly, with a sense of genuine prestige. As in, “I would have been honoured to wear that belt.” And others, like those with spinny centres, look like something you’d fish out of an arcade prize grabber. I’ll settle for the lobster harmonica, please.

But this list will look at the primo designs, the best looking belts that have been commissioned by the greater WWE authority – the ones that you’d be proudest to wear.

10. WWE Championship Of The Mid-80s


That four year run of Hulkamania would see wrestling’s most indomitable champion sporting gold that was simple in its design, but had a quaint beauty to its simplicity. The Hulk Hogan that vanquished giants and turned back all walks of villain in that unbreakable wave would sport several belt designs, but was most prominently seen wearing this particular piece.

The colourful flags of eight different countries underscore the relevance of the belt as a “World” title, in addition to the token image of the blue and gold globe on the centre plate. It’s showy and colourful, but it’s a design that pretty much anybody could have come up with. But there’s nothing wrong with that, is there? Sometimes wrestling belt designs have the same solution as the Gordian Knot, in that the simplest solution is what works best.

Justin Henry

Written by Justin Henry

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