10 Most Ridiculous Bumps In WWE Hell In A Cell History

Mankind/Cactus Jack/Mick Foley doesn’t like this list…


With each forthcoming Hell in a Cell match comes raised expectations. The earlier matches felt compelled to include at least one outrageous stunt to justify the match’s oxygen, since the memories of Mick Foley’s death defiance have not faded in the interim 20 years. As such, the cell matches that come up on the calendar have unfair comparisons in their future. If nobody tumbles off of the cage while wrapped in barbed wire and their hair set ablaze, was it really a good Cell match?

Exaggeration aside, cell matches are measured by the memorable things that happen inside (and outside) the chain link walls. There is a promise of life-altering mayhem, of unfiltered hatred being acted out with zero restrictions in play. Hell in a Cell is all about living up to the Hellish part of the title, to conjure up something, anything, that will make you believe that what you saw was the best kind of horror show.

A big part of the horrific heritage are the bumps – the stuntman dives and falls that risk safety, even lives. Listed ahead are the 10 absolute craziest bumps ever endured by the participants in Hell in a Cell match, with some being a little more dire than others.

10. Shield In Stereo (2014)


Ever get a “meets expectations” on your report card or workplace performance review? That sort of grade applies to the fall that Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins took from the side of the Cell. It wasn’t the deadliest of dives, instead feeling like an attempt to meet the bare minimum requirements for a match taking place in the confines of the Cell.

That’s not to undercut the dual bump – it was still a risky fall, as both Ambrose and Rollins teetered above the announce tables from midway up the cell’s wall, knocking each other off with table-breaking plummets. Compared to some of the outright insanity that’s still to come, you couldn’t put this any higher than 10. And given that Ambrose has plenty of deathmatches on his resume, this fall may be a bit down his personal list.

Justin Henry

Written by Justin Henry

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