10 Professional Wrestling Matches Where Somebody Almost Bled To Death

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Whether it’s a laceration in or around the mouth from an errant strike, or a full-on Carrie-on-prom-night crimson mask, a little bit of blood can always liven up a wrestling match. From Stone Cold’s red-stained mug at WrestleMania 13, to the many instances in which Ric Flair’s own blood would turn his hair fire engine-red, the splitting of skin in professional wrestling affords an opportunity to create iconic moments.

To that extent, blood in wrestling can be iconic in ways that are far less, shall we say, glamorous. When a wrestler puts the blade to their forehead or allows themselves to be struck with a jagged weapon, he or she is assuming a considerable amount of risk. As is the case with actual wrestling moves that can concuss brains, twist knees, and contort vertebrae, spilling your own blood in a wrestling match has its share of hazards.

The following list will look at 10 examples of in-ring performers that lost maybe a little too much blood in the course of one performance. It’s a little hard to rank these, even with a subjective eye-test, but I’ve done my best. If you think #4 had it worse than #6, so be it. But we can all agree: the incidents listed here went far and beyond any realistic fan expectations.

10. Vince McMahon (Survivor Series 2003)


Either Vinnie Mac went a little overboard in cutting his own scalp in his Buried Alive match against The Undertaker, or he took enough aspirin pre-match to soothe an elephant’s migraine. McMahon subjected himself to the blade off of the first Undertaker punch, and within seconds, his head opened up like the elevator doors at the Overlook Lodge.

Especially harrowing was watching Vince writhe on the mat after getting crotched against the ring post, and seeing about three different rivulets of blood streaming off of his head. As Vince was largely immobile in the latter stages of the brawl, it’s not clear how much is him selling the heartless beating, and how much is just him too weakened to do much of anything. But check out how thick the puddles of blood are near McMahon’s head as Undertaker cracks his ankle with the ring steps. They made melted nacho cheese look soupier.

Justin Henry

Written by Justin Henry

In addition to writing lists and commentaries for Cultaholic, Justin is also a features writer and interviewer for Fighting Spirit Magazine, and is co-author of the WWE-related book Titan Screwed: Lost Smiles, Stunners, and Screwjobs.

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