10 Reasons Brock Lesnar Re-Signing With WWE Is Best For Business

The Beast’s new deal allows UFC outings as well apparently…


I drank lots of beer while writing this. I’m sorry if it’s incoherent in places. I just thought you should know… I also think you should know that Brock Lesnar has not re-entered the USADA testing pool, which he’s required to do (and won’t be able to circumvent this time following his positive test) before fighting again. He’s potentially got until December to wrestle before he could fight.

I probably should have published this when he’s actually confirmed to return then… oh well.

I feel sick given that I’ve titled this article with a heel catchphrase straight from the playbook of Stephanie McMahon herself. I apologise for this, and would like to take this opportunity to once again publically thank Ronda Rousey for all she has done this WrestleMania 34 weekend.

I’m not sorry. I love you.

The most shocking result of this year’s ‘Mania is Brock Lesnar’s victory over Roman Reigns – and yes before you say anything, it’s more shocking than a 10-year-old child winning a WWE Raw Tag Team Title.

It almost seemed like the Universal Title was in some kind of procession in the buildup to the GSOTA, walking in a really straight and boring line onto the glistening, tattooed shoulder of WWE’s Big Dog. Sunday’s main event felt like the culmination of a three-year experiment the company had taken us all on – how lucky are we having experienced every inch of it, by the way? This was supposed to be the Superstardom affirming victory Roman was supposed to get at ‘Mania 31 before Seth Rollins gave us one of the most shocking moments on the Grandest Stage Of Them All in, like, forever. And heck, Brock Lesnar was going back to UFC full-time – there had been nothing more certain in the history of mankind until the conclusion of last Sunday’s main event.

Now, Brock has re-signed with WWE in a deal that also allows him to compete in UFC apparently. I know that upon hearing this news you probably groaned – I know I did. I’m sick of Raw’s top title meaning little due to the fact its holder is hardly ever seen on TV. I’m sick of Brock’s matches being the same thing over and over again. I’m even starting to get a little bit weary of Paul Heyman. While the advocate continues to knock the proverbial ball out of the park, the message he conveys in each of his stellar promos tends to be the same each time – Brock’s act just needs a new lick of paint after five years of the same old routine.

As you’re probably aware by now, we’re all about celebrating professional wrestling here at Cultaholic, so here are 10 reasons Brock Lesnar’s new contract with WWE isn’t a bad thing, it’s a good thing (creepy DDP smile)…

10. Cross Promotion Potential


You remember how Chris Jericho appeared at Wrestle Kingdom earlier this year? This did wonders for not only his, but NJPW’s bank account as well. Quite literally thousands of new fans who hadn’t watched their product before saw a long-term ‘WWE guy’ heading over there and thought ‘hey, I’ll give that stuff a try.’ While this wasn’t really an example of cross-promotion because we haven’t seen Okada – or somebody else similarly ‘New Japan-ish’ on Raw or SmackDown – it’s a glimpse into the effect we can expect from Brock Lesnar’s new deal, which apparently allows him to fight for UFC as well as WWE.

(Every dirt sheet writer and their dog are reporting this, so who am I to doubt them? They’re always right!)

WWE fans who haven’t watched UFC before will see The Beast’s name on one of their marquees and check it out when they might not have before, while even though they won’t want to admit it BECAUSE WRESTLING IS FAKE, newer UFC fans who missed Brock’s Heavyweight Championship wielding run inside the Octagon will check out a big WWE event when he’s in the main event. They will. Don’t believe them when they tell you they ‘wouldn’t dare’.

Obviously, that intrigue from certain quarters of UFC’s fandom might have already been satisfied thanks to Ronda Rousey’s appearance at WrestleMania, but Brock’s still a huge draw. A big, red, sweaty draw.

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