10 Things We Learned From WWE Royal Rumble 1993

Yokozuna wins, Bret Hart vs. Razor Ramon for the WWF Championship…

9. Blasted Into Orbit


One of the more colourful characters of the period (and that’s saying something) was Max Moon, a masked space-cyborg fitted with a blue costume that came equipped with a circuit board design. The Moon gimmick was originally designed for Konnan, who wrestled a few matches under the guise before leaving. The outfit was then turned over to Paul Diamond (the former Kato of The Orient Express).

Moon was apparently due for a decent push, as he was originally slated to work against Terry Taylor at the Rumble in a singles match, which was even listed in event programs. For unknown reasons, the bout was called off, and both men worked briefly in the actual Rumble match instead. Perhaps Moon’s departure the following month had something to do with it.

8. Behind The Times


As noted in the intro, WWE was undergoing some radical changes at this point in time, and the roster shuffling was off the charts. Big name stars were casting off, and the company tried with great difficulty to re-fortify their ranks. To give you an idea of just how drastic the changes were by early 1993, just look at the Royal Rumble event poster.

Beneath the war-faces of Bret Hart and Razor Ramon are a horde of wrestlers who were candidates to take part in the actual Rumble match itself. Three different wrestlers (Ultimate Warrior, Davey Boy Smith, and Nailz) were fired in the two months before the Rumble, while two other wrestlers (Crush and Kamala) missed the show altogether. Ric Flair is featured, although he finished up as an in-canon character the weekend of the Rumble. The poster doesn’t even account for the likes of Big Boss Man and Earthquake, who weren’t long for WWE at that point either.

7. Rocked Out


Perhaps the best match of the 1993 Rumble was the Intercontinental title match that pitted former partners-turned-enemies. Shawn Michaels successfully defended the belt over former Rocker-mate Marty Jannetty in a competitive bout, decided by Michaels’ former flame Sensational Sherri accidentally knocking Jannetty out. The match was a pretty dang good one, though its quality had little to do with either man’s condition.

Michaels would admit that he’d been out too late the night before, while Jannetty was in little better shape, and was actually fired the next day, reportedly for being found passed out at the Superstars tapings in San Jose. Jannetty would prove resilient, however, and was rehired four months later, continuing his seemingly-endless feud with Michaels for the Intercontinental gold.

Justin Henry

Written by Justin Henry

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