10 Things We Learned From WWE Royal Rumble 1993

Yokozuna wins, Bret Hart vs. Razor Ramon for the WWF Championship…

6. A Rare Sight


Bret Hart went over strong in his WWE Championship match against Razor Ramon, withstanding everything the bully could throw at him, only to outmanoeuvre and outwit him in the end. It was the sort of victory that Hart needed for what was shaping up to be an extra-long reign (spoiler: it wouldn’t be), and to top it off, Hart finished Ramon with the Sharpshooter, making his submission hold look mighty in the process.

Hart would wrestle five more years with WWE, and since that win over Ramon, he would only win one more WWE Championship match on pay-per-view with the Sharpshooter – his victory over The Patriot at Ground Zero in September 1997. It was less often that Hart won a high-profile match, particularly a title match, with his signature hold. In fact, of his five WWE title wins, only the first one (over Ric Flair) occurred using the Sharpshooter.

5. Grand Prize


The 30-man Royal Rumble match may have boasted a less-impressive field from prior years, but it was pretty star-studded nonetheless. Randy Savage, Ric Flair, Mr. Perfect, The Undertaker, Ted DiBiase, Yokozuna, Earthquake, Tatanka, et al, comprised the upper echelon of a strong-enough field, one member of which would earn a WWE title match at Bret Hart at WrestleMania 9.

This would be the first year in which the Rumble winner earned a World title match for WrestleMania, a stipulation that has remained in effect ever since (except for the 2016 show). Some erroneously attribute the stip’s birth to the 1991 event, since winner Hulk Hogan went on to face Sgt. Slaughter for the belt that year, but that was just coincidental, as Hogan’s title match was dictated by the angle’s direction.

4. Closing Space Mountain


Ric Flair entered the 1993 Royal Rumble match from the first position, and would have to recreate his enduring jaunt from one year earlier if he had hoped to win the match once more. Sadly for him, he only made it about a third of the way, getting bounded out by Mr. Perfect after more than 18 minutes in the fray.

During the match itself, it was announced that on Raw the following night, Flair would be facing Perfect in a loser-leaves match, which was the kayfabe cause of Flair’s exit. In reality, the match was actually taped six nights before the Rumble, so Flair had already lost the match that cost him his WWE employment. And technically, Flair still wrestled with WWE for a few more weeks. The Nature Boy took part in a tour of Germany in February 1993 that saw him lose a number of times to Bret Hart.

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