10 Things We Learned From WWE Royal Rumble 2017

The one where Randy Orton shocked the world…


I admit, I laughed. I do appreciate a good “troll” moment, especially when it’s at the expense of people whom you know are bound to have a harmless freakout. When the first “DOO-doot” of Roman Reigns’ music blared at the number 30 Rumble spot, I thought the very medium of Twitter itself was going to have a nervous breakdown. Why not Samoa Joe?! Why not Finn Balor?! Why not Shinsuke Nakamura?! Losers of World title matches never enter the Rumble later (except when it did happen in 2005, 2011, 2012, and later 2018)!

The 2017 Royal Rumble ended with a somewhat-peculiar choice of Randy Orton as the winner, capping off a night some nice highs (AJ Styles vs. John Cena being chief among them) and a few average moments that didn’t seem to hit on their potential, with the Rumble match coming to mind. For the first two-thirds of the 30-man battle, it was shaping up well, but when everybody had to play dead during the Lesnar/Goldberg/Undertaker extended tribute…well, depth chart dioramas can take the air out of you.

It was a pretty good Rumble for the most part, though a shade or two beneath the previous year’s swift go at restoring the prestige that a Royal Rumble should have. It hardly felt like a stadium show, but t’was good enough.

10. On The Sevens


The 2017 Royal Rumble emanated from Charles Barkley’s favourite city (to have a laugh at the expense of), San Antonio, TX. WWE opted to go the stadium route for the event, booking the massive Alamodome, where more than 52,000 fans would witness the evening’s action. If this location seems a little bit familiar, it’s because Alamo City may as well be Rumble City.

Every year that has ended in a seven during the Royal Rumble’s lifetime has taken place in San Antonio. The 1997 card was held in the Alamodome, where a heavily-papered crowd saw homeboy Shawn Michaels regain the WWE title in the main event. Ten years later, WWE went with a smaller venue, as the 2007 card took place at the AT&T Center, current home of the NBA’s Spurs.

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