10 Things We Learned From WWE SummerSlam 2007

The crew from Jackass pulled out of The Biggest Party of the Summer…


It’s fair to say that 2007 SummerSlam wasn’t a particularly memorable event, just a trumped-up B-show with some notable returns for major stars, but little else to write home about. It’d be more accurate to say that it was a summer that WWE would rather have forgotten, due entirely to the Chris Benoit double-murder/suicide, and the ugly media fallout that it birthed. There aren’t exactly many shining memories of the WWE product from that time for these reasons.

As for SummerSlam itself, there seemed to be a lack of strong matches, outside of the John Cena/Randy Orton WWE Championship bout. Even then, the show is rarely ever openly ranked with the worst SummerSlams of all time, probably in large part because of the cloud of uneasiness that it was obscured behind. The wrestling product had taken a backseat to the speculation about concussions and roid rage, and all of the old-time wrestlers that made empty appearances on national talk shows, as all of a sudden wrestling was this big green boogeyman.

SummerSlam itself felt like a lower-priority event, due to general focus being elsewhere at the time. But given the reasons at hand, it’s easy to understand why the event felt just oh so secondary.

10. Fighting Phenom


So much of WWE’s upper card was compromised by injury in 2007. Among the names that would miss longer stretches of time would include Triple H, Rey Mysterio, Edge, and The Undertaker, the latter of whom was preparing to make his return around the time of SummerSlam. In fact, some sources even claimed that Undertaker, who had been injured since early May with a torn bicep, informed WWE officials of his willingness to come back and work the event as a way of boosting the star power.

Ultimately, his offer was turned down. One cited reason for WWE leaving Undertaker off the show was because of the heavy scrutiny they were under in the Benoit aftermath, particularly as the media painted WWE as being callous toward the well-being of their workers. Anyone who was injured needed not rush back too soon, although Undertaker did come back at Unforgiven three weeks later.

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