10 Things We Learned From WWE Survivor Series 1995

Spanish announce tables were never the same again…


There’s a whole lot about 1995 WWE that you can scoff at and incredulously criticize, but man did they get Survivor Series that year right?! There were enough great matches, fun moments, and table setting for a brighter future that Survivor Series 1995 can be looked back upon fondly as a minor turning point for the company. A closer examination of the event reveals some groundwork (whether laid intentionally or not) for the Attitude Era that was still a couple of years in the distance.

A main event filled with weapons and sheer hate-filled intensity? Check. An elimination match where enemies are forced to work together and friends are set opposite each other? Check. A match that gives high-flying daredevils and innately-skilled junior heavyweights time to show off their wares? Check. A showcase for The Undertaker to kill everything in sight, acting less like a stiff-legged zombie and more like an able-bodied guardian of hell? Check.

It was definitely not the WWE of years past, but perhaps most importantly, it wasn’t the sugary pap that was the WWE of the recent past. For the bold and refreshing product that emanated from Landover, MD that night, there was optimism that the WWE of the near future was going to be something differently special.

10. Violent By Design


There was definitely a dearth of steady tag teams in WWE in 1995, as evidenced by the fact that champions The Smokin’ Gunns didn’t even wrestle on the main show, whereas 36 other wrestlers did. But the Gunns *did* wrestle that night, working a dark match against a tag team that ECW fans of the time were all too familiar with.

Less than 24 hours after wrestling The Sandman and 2 Cold Scorpio at the 1995 November to Remember in Philadelphia, Rocco Rock and Johnny Grunge of The Public Enemy made the trip to Survivor Series, losing to the Gunns in what was described as a virtual squash match prior to the PPV broadcast. Public Enemy were weighing their options regarding a possible exit from ECW at the time, and would end up bolting for WCW shortly after the new year.

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