10 Things We Learned From WWE Survivor Series 2018

Brock Lesnar trying against Daniel Bryan is a good thing indeed…


In the immediate aftermath of the 2018 Survivor Series, it’s hard to get a truly accurate beat on the show, as there’s not exactly a consensus. The SmackDown-lovers are currently raging about how awful life is (thankfully, they all missed the show due to cancelling their Network subscriptions in protest of Crown Jewel), while the optimists note the positives, like Psycho Charlotte, Brock and Bryan killing each other, and the fact that Baron Corbin in a red muscle shirt looks like teenage Caillou after joining a gang.

It was what it was: a WWE-style production without much deviation from the stories they prefer to tell (if NXT’s your bag, no doubt you’re crying, “TakeOver was better!”, which is weird that you would know that, seeing as you cancelled your subscription after…). And in that WWE-style production, there was some subjectively-bad stuff and some subjectively-good stuff. It’s par for the course, and we all know this.

Personally, I enjoyed the show, though it doesn’t exactly get me all fired up to see what happens next on Raw or SmackDown (*especially* SmackDown). As a standalone show, it was a nice diversion, with some of that old Survivor Series charm that I loved so much growing up.

Here’s what I learned from watching the 2018 Survivor Series.

10. Giving People Time To Work Can Allow Them To Win Over The Crowd


From a character-effectiveness standpoint, last year’s Cleveland Browns had a better shot at victory than the 10-man Raw team from the Kickoff show. When Braun Strowman can mow through the entire tag team division blindfolded, you’re not exactly being represented by Demolition and The Hart Foundation. I cringed when I saw that the 20-man (my favourite match of the 1987 and 1988 events) was relegated to the Kickoff, but I also understood.

The match got 22 minutes and damned if it didn’t have the crowd invested the longer it went on. Teams like The Revival, Lucha House Party, and Bobby Roode and Chad Gable may not have the earned prestige of New Day or The Usos, but they matched up well with their blue counterparts. The last half of the match was filled with exciting sequences and the like, and was one of my favourite matches of the night. Nice bit of rehab from the Strowman mauling, but will it last?

Justin Henry

Written by Justin Henry

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