10 Things You Might Not Know About Samoa Joe

There’s more to the SmackDown Live Superstar than meets the eye…

3. Mick Foley Tried To Take Him & CM Punk To WWE In 2005


This one came straight from the horses’ mouths during one of those shoot interviews in front of a dodgy background.

Basically, Vince McMahon wanted Mick to wrestle Ric Flair. However, Mick was having none of it, and in an attempt to come up with a compromise, approached Joe first saying that he was sick of all the muscleheads in WWE and that he wanted to bring him in, along with Punk, as his enforcer types. During a promo war between Vince and Mick, Mrs Foley’s Baby Boy would claim that he thought that when he wrestled Randy Orton, he was facing the youngest, most talented, most well put together Superstar out there. That was until, however, he met Punk and Joe. Out they would come, and all hell would break loose.

The crux of the story would be the fact that Joe and Punk were in the same position Mick was before he arrived in WWE. Normally, back then of course, Vince wouldn’t allow people that looked like Mick to appear on his show. Despite not being the proverbial musclehead, Mick made Vince a hell of a lot of money, with Punk and Joe seen as being the second coming of the non-traditional WWE Superstar.

Looking back now, it’s funny to see how the pair both say it’ll never happen for them in WWE just down to the way they looked and nothing more. If they only knew…

2. He Wrestled For WWE Earlier Than You Think


In all fairness, you probably do know this one. The YouTube clip has 245,000 views and that’s a lot.

Back in the year 2001 Samoa, Joe wrestled on an episode of Jakked against Essa Rios. I never really like Essa. I got the high flying and the bright hair, but the rest of that man in WWE was all kinds of meh.

Joe turned up looking like the lovechild of Haku and… Essa Rios – what’s going on with that hair of his?! He lost, obviously.

Joe has actually been a professional wrestler for the best part of 20 years now, making his professional bow in late 1999. Even though some may argue that he’s nowhere near the performer we saw in ROH and TNA, he’s still close to the top of the game in the landscape of WWE – a marvellous achievement after so many years inside the ropes.

1. He Has A Gaming Rival In AJ Styles


Samoa Joes really likes games and there’s not too much else to say here. Samoa Joe once had a Twitch channel called Samoajoegames, didn’t you know? That’s how much he likes games.

Have I convinced you that he really likes games yet?

Joe’s long-term colleague, WWE Champion AJ Styles, is also a massive gamer and the pair have butted heads down the years with controller in hand. During this episode of Superstar Savepoint, Joe revealed The Phenominal One almost ended his marriage because he wouldn’t leave a Tommy’s Hamburgers with a Tekken machine because he couldn’t beat his score. Tongue in cheek in terms of The Phenomenal One’s marriage actually ending? Of course, but you can just imagine how intense the pair must get when they’re playing, right?

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