10 Things You Won’t Believe Actually Happened In WWE In 2018

I know, I can’t believe it either…


Deep into the future when we’re all old and wrinkly, we’ll look back at WWE’s 2018 and talk to our grandchildren about a funny year where the headlines were dominated by the likes of Ronda Rousey, Becky Lynch, and WWE’s dealings with some very naughty people indeed.

It does feel rather strange to be sat here writing an article talking about things that actually happened this year that you’ve probably forgotten about, considering we have a WWE Raw show that airs each week where – aside from the odd backstage segment plucked from 2000 WCW – the same Finn Balor vs. Baron Corbin and Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler/Drew McIntyre matches have been played out more than Mariah Carey down your local supermarket at this time of year.

But believe it or not, there have been things that you will read during the course of this article that will make you say “bloody hell, where the hell was I when that happened?!”

And then you’ll remember that, yeah, you did see it, with any memory of the things discussed here being pushed into the repressive part of your memory to make room for the LATEST DOLPH ZIGGLER VS. SETH ROLLINS MATCH! There have been so many of those matches somebody needs to invent an external hard drive for our brains so we can remember them all…

10. Bobby Roode Was United States Champion


Can you remember when Bobby Roode was moved to the main roster in the summer of 2017 after a stellar run as NXT Champion? All the dirtysheets claimed we had a new main eventer on our hands. Apparently, Vince McMahon himself was deeply impressed with The Glorious One and was set to make him one of his leading guys…

LOL, jk.

Before Bobby wound up in a tag team on Raw that didn’t make any sense to begin with – why the hell was Chad Gable so besotted by a man that had done absolutely nothing for months? – he won the United States Championship on the 16 January episode of SmackDown Live.

Bobby won a tournament set up after Dolph Ziggler, rather bewilderingly, vacated the championship around a month prior, defeating Baron Corbin, Mojo Rawley, and then Jinder Mahal in the final.

Bobby would hold the title for almost TWO MONTHS, dropping it to Randy Orton at March’s Fastlane pay-per-view and I swear none of what I’ve just typed happened… but it did.

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