10 Times Urine Got Involved In WWE Storylines

Drake Maverick isn’t the first, but he could be the last…

9. Soggy Ride (1998)


This one is a little bit more understandable, since it wasn’t meant entirely as “comedy”, but rather an act of blatant disrespect that was in line with D-Generation X’s belligerent attitude toward others. With X-Pac and The New Age Outlaws filling out the group that Triple H now led, the squad set out establishing themselves as morally-bankrupt rebels. This involved a little trip to see DOA’s motorcycles up close.

Borrowing from the Seinfeld episode where Jerry was caught urinating in the parking garage of a shopping mall, X-Pac and the Outlaws whipped out their glowsticks and began whizzing all over the choppers. While it was certainly a silly skit, it was a little provocative in 1998 to see such disdain shown toward one’s enemies, and it wasn’t played for laughs so much as it was for shock value.

8. These Boots Are Made For Soakin’ (1998)


A little more than four months after DOA had their motorcycles drenched with some Grade A DX-brand liquid, X-Pac graced us all with a little encore, this time at the expense of forthcoming SummerSlam opponent Jeff Jarrett. Conveniently for X-Pac, ol’ Double J had left his cowboy boots in a very conspicuous location on the dressing room floor, and X-Pac was fixing to show us what he told the cameraman was a “harmless rib”.

Certainly you’ve figured out where this one’s going by now, as Sean Waltman, back turned to the camera, spilled some Hansen’s energy drink on Jarrett’s boots. There’s an obvious tie-in with the man whose t-shirt read, “Don’t Piss Me Off” having some of his possessions pissed on, but we’ll leave the punnery to you, our dear reader.

7. Urine For A Scare (1998)


Boy, bladder water sure was en vogue in 1998, wasn’t it? Only this time, it’s not an example of spiteful spillage at the expense of a rival wrestler’s possessions, but rather an involuntary wetting. Vince McMahon had fired Steve Austin at the conclusion of the Judgment Day pay-per-view, leading to one of the most unfathomable “only in the Attitude Era” moments: Austin bringing lethal weapons (not Steve Blackman) to the arena on Raw, with the apparent intent of killing Vince.

It ended up not being attempted murder, but rather an admittedly-cruel prank: Austin dragged a horrified Vince to the ring and made like he was going to blow his brains out with what was proven to be a toy gun, complete with “BANG 3:16” gag flag. Then Austin proudly showed the world that a tearful, petrified Vince had pissed his pants out of fear. Can you imagine WWE running something like this today?

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Written by Justin Henry

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