10 Times Urine Got Involved In WWE Storylines

Drake Maverick isn’t the first, but he could be the last…

6. Twisted Tea (2001)


Thanks to William Regal, I learned the word “besmirched”. Not only would Regal use the word with frequency, but he would often wind up besmirched by the shenanigans of his babyface foils. Take one Chris Jericho, who decided to besmirch Regal in the run-up to their Intercontinental title match at WrestleMania X-Seven. And this would be achieved through some discreet flavour modification.

On an episode of Raw, Jericho snuck into Regal’s office, made off with his pitcher of tea, and could be heard off-camera draining his main vein into the container. The on-camera zip-up of his leather pants (the reverse Jim Morrison, as it’s known) additionally spelled out what Jericho had done. Sure, it was juvenile, but say this much: anything that gets Regal, the master emoter, to make disgusted, indignant, or apoplectic faces is usually worth it.

5. Friendly Fire (2001)


This time, the roles were reversed, and it would be Regal that would be dispensing the yellow acid, to the consternation of a rival wrestler. In this case, the pissing was not malicious (man, there’s a sentence), and came about through some typical WWE-esque contrivance. The remaining Alliance members post-Survivor Series were going to take a group bathroom break, when Big Show (conveniently wearing a grey sweatsuit) came in to relieve himself as well.

Moments after Show entered, an irate D-Von Dudley popped into the men’s room, causing a bit of a ruckus. When the wrestlers all turned to see why D-Von was rattled, Regal turned with them, only to forget that his twig and berries were out, and ended up pissing on Show’s sweats. See, Show had to wear grey, so that the “urine” would show up clearer on camera. Regal’s apparently-green piss, that is.

4. Cold Ones Turn Warm (2002)


You may recall that in June 2002, Stone Cold Steve Austin infamously walked out of WWE. In addition to being unhappy about wasting a potentially-monumental match with blue-chipper Brock Lesnar on an episode of Raw, Austin was also unhappy with how he was being used creatively in general. It stands to reason that moments like this spurred his self-imposed exile.

On what turned out to be the very last Raw before Austin went home, he talked trash from afar to Ric Flair, Chris Benoit, and Eddie Guerrero, having beaten up their ally Arn Anderson backstage. Then with The Enforcer laid out, Austin said he’d drank quite a few beers that day, and nature was calling – prior to unleashing some mustardy pee onto poor Anderson’s torso. Ten years earlier, the two were teammates in the greatest War Games of all time. Just felt that should be noted.

Justin Henry

Written by Justin Henry

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