10 Times Urine Got Involved In WWE Storylines

Drake Maverick isn’t the first, but he could be the last…

3. Have A Free Sample (2006)


“You’re enjoying this, aren’t ya?” a bemused Shawn Michaels seethed to Vince McMahon, after the Chairman of WWE had forced Michaels to take an in-ring drug test on the road to WrestleMania 22. Taken as a literal statement, Michaels sounds like he’s accusing McMahon of being far too in love with the idea of yet another bathroom humour-related angle. He probably wouldn’t be wrong.

And you can’t just involve bodily discharges without there being a messy gross-out element to the angle, as Michaels took his urine sample and splashed it into the faces of Vince and Shane McMahon. The elder McMahon took a pretty funny delayed bump after selling revulsion, and the crowd did explode into thunderous cheers, so hey, mission accomplished.

2. Here Comes The Stain (2013)


If peeing your pants is cool, then consider Triple H Miles Davis. While that Billy Madison reference might go over more than a few heads, take one look at the jeans of WWE’s COO and it’s universally understood what happened to The Game on the night that he skirmished with Brock Lesnar, as they built to their match at WrestleMania 29.

It is true that the proliferation of pee in this instance was legitimate, instead of some pre-ordained joke, so technically it’s unlike any of the other examples on the list to this point. The considerable fame that the incident would garner makes it worth including, as the history of urine-based moments in WWE is incomplete without this bit of “Trip-spotting”. And Helmsley would have a sense of humour about the incident, saying, “Note to self: Never go to the ring to fight a guy that big with a full bladder.”

1. Drizzling Drake (2018)


And we end this list in the modern day. Drake Maverick lives a double life as both the GM of 205 Live, and as the scheming pest of a manager that seconds The Authors of Pain. He also experienced a duality of a different sort, in both cases “cooling his tire”. One would see an involuntary soaking of his pants, and the other was a blatant hosing of another garment.

We know it by now: at Survivor Series, Maverick wet his pants out of fear while being accosted by The Big Show, and eight nights later, he lifted the leg onto Bobby Roode’s cherished robe. And so ends one of the more unusual lists that I’ve ever compiled, though I sincerely doubt that WWE’s days of using whiz as a plot device have concluded.

Justin Henry

Written by Justin Henry

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