10 Times WWE Moves Have Been Used In MMA

Ronda Rousey might have known more about professional wrestling than she initially thought…

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With Ronda Rousey signing her WWE contract on Sunday at Elimination Chamber, ‘WWE’ and ‘UFC’ have been said many times in the same sentence by a lot of different people over the past few days.

It’s no real surprise that Ronda has made the move to work for Vince McMahon because professional wrestling and mixed martial arts are one in the same – current WWE Universal and former UFC World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar told me so.

During a televised interview close to the last time his WWE contract was coming to an end in 2015, The Beast claimed that Vince McMahon and UFC President Dana White are promoting the same thing while also using the same business model. If Brock thinks that’s enough to categorise them in the same bracket, I’m sure as hell not going to argue with him – he might hurt me.

Let me indulge you in a few examples of when the action that takes place inside of an Octagon and squared circle have got themselves lost down the years – who knows, Ronda might be able to add a thing or two to her arsenal after reading this… she’s a HUGE fan of Cultaholic, didn’t you know?

(If I’ve missed any high profile examples here, please direct your complaints to @AdamPacitti on Twitter. He’d be more than happy to deal with your grievances.)

10. Powerbomb

Move over Kevins Nash and Owens, Rampage Jackson can show you a thing or two about hitting a variation of the Powerbomb. There’s little wonder the man who goes by Quinton ended up in the squared circle for TNA after seeing undeniable professional wrestling prowess like this.

Jackon’s picture perfect Powerbomb – try and say that five times quickly, I dare you – took place at PRIDE Critical in 2004, with Ricardo Arona the unlucky recipient.

Some – and by that I mean those who have the insatiable need to see our favourite professional wrestlers really hurt themselves – argue that most of the Powerbombs we see in wrestling these days look too comfortable a move to take. They see the person hitting the move protecting the person they’re hitting the move on – as well they should be – and don’t like it. Hopefully, those people see the devastation on display during Rampage’s rendition and then SHUT THE HELL UP.

Don’t think this move was Rampage extracting the Michael from his opponents here either. Arona was one of PRIDE’s better fighters at the time which makes this professional wrestling move being used in what, on paper at least, looked like being a competitive legitimate fight all the more awesome. 

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