10 Wrestling Mysteries That Still Haven’t Been Solved

Who did put the pie in Kevin Owens’ face?


Professional wrestling is an entertainment medium lends itself to wonder and curiosity. The fascination over won/loss records at WrestleMania, who’s dating who, wrestlers’ real names, what wrestlers were doing *before* coming to WWE, etc, etc. And with a plethora of informative avenues on the internet, and plenty of social media space with which to talk about the product, a fan’s fascination with wrestling can only be further cultivated.

Fans who thirst for wrestling knowledge are bound to have many questions about the business that they love so much. Many of those questions have answers. However, there are some mysteries in professional wrestling that remain unsolved to this day.

Some of the forthcoming unanswered questions have been on the minds of wrestling fans for quite some time now, while others have taken on a dusty sheen, long forgotten as “cold cases”. Perhaps rattling off these conundrums in this here list will bring us one step closer to actually figuring them out once and for all.

Robert Stack is no longer with us, so you’ll have to deal with me as a narrator for these Unsolved Mysteries. If you’re imagining me in Mr Stack’s tan trenchcoat, please have the common courtesy to also imagine me with clothes on underneath. Thank you.

10. What Movie Was Gorilla Monsoon Talking About? (1988)


On the 18 January 1988 edition of Prime Time Wrestling, during one of the bumper segments, Gorilla Monsoon gave the impression that was he on the phone looking for Jesse “The Body” Ventura. Monsoon explained to Bobby Heenan (and the audience) that Ventura was on a movie set, working on a film about a prison.

A cursory look through Ventura’s filmography yields inconclusive results. The Running Man, which involves prisoners, had already been released by the time this Prime Time episode was aired. His forthcoming films included Thunderground (a barely-released film about street-fighting for money), Abraxas (a low-rent sci-fi movie), and Repossessed (a Leslie Nielsen spoof of The Exorcist, which also included Mean Gene). Ventura *did* appear as an inmate in the Denzel Washington crime film Ricochet, but that wasn’t released until October 1991, nearly four years after this Prime Time. So, what was Monsoon talking about?

Justin Henry

Written by Justin Henry

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