20 Best WCW PPVs Ever

The Great American Bash, Superbrawl, Starrcade and more…

10. Superbrawl III


Sometimes even the dumbest build-ups to a match get paid off beautifully, as was the case with the Sting/Vader White Castle of Fear strap match. WCW loved their mini-movies in the early nineties, and filmed an elaborate short in which Sting visited Vader in his doomy palace. The match was the precise opposite of that Ed Wood special, as Sting and Vader were just incapable of having bad matches together.

As was noted with the Beach Blast of the previous year, some of the better WCW shows of the time frame offered variety. For this one, you’re given southern style tag wrestling (The Rock ‘n Roll Express vs. The Heavenly Bodies for the SMW Tag Team belts), anarchic fighting (Cactus Jack and Paul Orndorff’s falls count anywhere match), and top-class acrobatics and wrestling (2 Cold Scorpio vs. Chris Benoit).

9. WCW/NJPW SuperShow I

WWE, New Japan Pro Wrestling

In the early nineties, WCW and New Japan Pro Wrestling would have numerous collaborations, which were, for the most part, akin to non-canon events in the WCW story world. This event was an exception, as the Ric Flair/Tatsumi Fujinami match for the NWA World Heavyweight belt ended with controversy that would be settled at the first Superbrawl pay per view two months later.

While that match was an excellent battle between two time-forged veterans, it was surpassed by The Steiner Brothers’ IWGP Tag Team title win over Hiroshi Hase and Kensuki Sasake that is just all hard-hitting action. Scott Steiner may be a bit of a comedy meme today, but to see him in his prime was to be awed. Nothing else came close to that match, which isn’t to say that Sting/Great Muta and Jushin Liger/Akira Nogami weren’t good – they were very. It’s just that Tag Team title match wrecked the curve on a show that rings great overall.

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