20 Best WCW PPVs Ever

The Great American Bash, Superbrawl, Starrcade and more…

8. Bash At The Beach 1996


It’s a bit ironic that Hulk Hogan’s greatest promo ever came as a heel. The muscular superhero that children idolized, that monsters could not slay, sneered at the fans in Daytona Beach and gave them the lay of the land. The conviction and bits of truth in his verbal fire capped off a historic night, in which Hogan revealed himself as The Outsiders’ “Third Man”, and the New World Order as we knew it was born.

Bookending the show’s loftiness was a Rey Misterio Jr/Psychosis match that might just be the best match the two have ever had together, and that says something. There admittedly wasn’t too much else from the show worth noting (save for Ric Flair winning the US title and Disco Inferno having a damn great match with Dean Malenko), but for sheer history, this night must rate highly.

7. WrestleWar 1992


If you ever wondered why fans clamour so much for the return of the War Games that they all know and love, look no further than the blood-soaked, strategy-filled, unrelenting battle that was The Dangerous Alliance vs. Sting’s Squadron. Seeing so much blood on an early-nineties pay per view without Ric Flair being involved was the good kind of shock, as the hatred between sides had built for more than six months. Best War Games match ever? Even the ones from the eighties may have to take their hat off.

The undercard is mostly filler, but when you get to the final three bouts (War Games plus Brian Pillman/Tom Zenk and Steiners/Tatsumi Fujinami and Takayuki Iizuka), you’re in for a helluva run to the finish. Can three awesome matches bail out six mediocre-to-bad matches? This show emphatically proves that they can.

Justin Henry

Written by Justin Henry

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