29 Things You Might Not Know About WWE 2K18

The little things that take this gaming experience to the very top level…


I tell you what, being a fan of WWE video games is a wonderful existence these days. The games come thick and fast – some may say too fast but isn’t that one of the better gripes to have in life? – and most importantly of all, each is better than the last. Some franchises out there rest of their laurels in releasing their next title, not 2K though. They’ve ensured that we’ve enjoyed a systematic progression since their first rasslin’ title was released four years ago.

There are a lot of things you will already know about WWE 2K18 given it’s been a part of our lives for over two months now. You know that it’s the best looking wrestling video game of all time thanks to the new graphics and lighting techniques used, you know it contains the biggest roster ever assembled, but those big details are merely the tip of the iceberg.

If I was to sit here and list every single possible thing you might not know about WWE 2K18 I’d be writing an article longer than The Great Khali’s chicken legs – and my goodness, does he have a whopping long pair of chicken legs or what?! Here are a few that you really should know about, however, as they take the experience of playing the game to the very next level!



We’re starting big, people.

Given The Golden Truth aren’t really a thing anymore some may argue that having the ability to perform their entrance, Goldust’s spiel at the start and the rest, is somewhat redundant. However, those people have already forgotten that R Truth and Goldie’s tandem was one of the greatest of this or any generation, so it’s worthy of a place on this list, alright?

Initially, the entrance is hidden because it’s Superstar specific to the Bizarre One and R-Trizzle. This means you have to manually make these two a tag team, go to their tag team section, and you should see the option to select the entrance is now there.

Given that this is legitimately one of the best and most lifelike entrances in the game it’s a bit of a shock to see 2K hiding it like this. They should flaunt it. Work it. All that jazz…

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