40 Most Defining WWE Images Of 2017

The best from Raw, SmackDown Live and NXT’s yearly family album…


I think in the grand scheme of things, 2017 will be remembered as a continuation of 2016 for WWE. The previous year saw AJ Styles’ unthinkable debut, and everything seemed to progress rapidly from that moment onwards. We saw indie darlings Finn Balor and Kevin Owens as Universal Champion, the Cruiserweight Classic, and WWE’s expansion into the UK independent scene.

However, to simply deem 2017 a sequel to 2016 would be massively unfair. This year has also seen a whole host of compelling, striking, and sometimes questionable moments from the biggest wrestling promotion on the planet.

We’ve been treated to excellent matches, shocking swerves, and monumental moments. Naturally, however, over the course of a whole year, some of these will fall by the wayside. We all remember Undertaker walking away at WrestleMania, and Sami Zayn’s shocking heel turn at Hell in a Cell, but some of the year’s most defining moments may be a little harder to recall.

What better way to refresh the memory than with our look back at WWE in 2017, featuring 40 of the year’s most important images.

40. Tyler Bate Wins The UK Championship Tournament


Tyler Bate is soaked in champagne as he wins the United Kingdom Championship Tournament, defeating Pete Dunne in the final.

2017 kicked off with the United Kingdom Championship Tournament, bringing several beloved UK indie names to the fore. It told a simple but effective story, and babyface Bate was able to defeat heel Dunne in the final.

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