8 Reasons ‘All In’ Is Already A Groundbreaking Wrestling Event

“Now the show can’t suck.”

If you glance at the subheading of this article, you’ll see Cody’s hilariously uneasy quote in the most recent ‘Being The Elite’ episode. Although it’s clearly tongue-in-cheek, the fact remains that the build to All In has already given the event a place in wrestling immortality.

Of course we’re still several months away from the show, but its construction has captivated the wrestling world throughout 2018 – from the visually unique marketing campaign to several running gags (the mystery venue, Flip Gordon’s desperation to be on the show, and so on).

Astonishingly, only one bout has so far been announced for September 1, but All In has genuinely been about everything other than the matches. It sounds like a ludicrous statement to make about a pro wrestling show – even WrestleMania has fans obsessively pouring over the card months in advance, despite its status as a business-transcending mega-event.

But in the case of Cody and the Bucks’ brainchild, such a proclamation rings entirely true. Whether we see a barn-burner in Chicago or not, the very concept of All In has taken on a life of its own months in advance.

Let’s take a look at the biggest reasons for this – the reasons All In is already a groundbreaking wrestling event. And it’s only May.

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