Gallery: 10 Best WWE WrestleMania Posters Of All Time

‘The Films’ must take note…


Posters are great, aren’t they? We all like posters. If you’re a child reading this illustrious website there’s no doubt you have them covering every last inch of paint on your bedroom walls against the strictest orders of your parents. If you’re an adult reading this illustrious website there’s no doubt you’ve got a couple in frames, kidding yourself into thinking they look pretty ‘sophisticated’.

Let’s be real here, there’s nothing like a WrestleMania poster. It’s one of the ultimate collector’s items for any WWE fan. Just looking back over the past 34 years has really opened my eyes to what wonderful pieces of artwork some of them truly are. As you’d expect, the modern day examples are made using the latest technologies and wouldn’t look out of place in any given cinema’s window. But the earlier ‘Mania posters have a distinctive charm to them that has been lost along the way. Wrestling has started to take itself too seriously when it comes to its promotional material in more recent times and I want it to go back to the 1980s because as you’re about to see, the posters were just better back then.

Let’s start a movement – out with the high-resolution photos and the accompanying sleek graphical work to create something that looks cool to the masses. I want to see rubbish fonts, horrible colour schemes, original artwork of the Superstars and garish backgrounds plucked from the closest comic book to make a return! Somebody go make one of those petitions…

Here are the 10 best posters in WWE WrestleMania history…

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