Ranking All 20 WWE Elimination Chamber Matches

From Slobberknockers to snooze-fests…


Elimination Chamber matches are exciting for four main reasons:

  • The environment. As we’re so often told, the Elimination Chamber structure is full of nasty things like steel beams, chains, bulletproof glass, and bits of metal floor.
  • The staggered entrance format. It’s faintly reminiscent of the Royal Rumble, and we’re all hopelessly devoted to the Royal Rumble forever and always.
  • The line-ups are often stacked (but not always).
  • The faint notion that the competitors could break out of the Chamber and do some spots on the roof. Which never happens, but still.

Despite this, and despite the endless combinations of narratives allowed by the stipulation, the Elimination Chamber hasn’t exactly been the most consistent of match types in WWE history. A couple years ago, WWE even attempted to shuffle it from the calendar without anybody noticing – perhaps a direct response to the disastrous 2015 edition of the eponymous pay per view.

2017, however, saw the stipulation return with a bang – and it now looks to be a regular feature of WWE’s yearly schedule once more. But just how good have the promotion’s 20 Elimination Chamber matches been?

(And in what order, obviously. This wouldn’t be much of a list, otherwise.)

While researching this list, I found that Chamber matches blend in the memory far more easily than Royal Rumbles. Perhaps it’s because the structure, despite appearing to be progressive and unique, actually restricts the action – both physically and in terms of storytelling.

Perhaps it’s because Triple H is in, like, 80% of them.

Regardless, it’s time to take a look at every Elimination Chamber match in history – from forgotten classics to all-time favourites.

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