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Filling the gaps between the five tentpole events…


In 1995, WWF and WCW pressed noses and locked horns in what was becoming a pay per view arms race. Vince McMahon was the reigning champion of the wrestling pay per view, even if buyrates had been steadily dwindling since a downturn in the early nineties. But with still-popular Hulk Hogan now in Ted Turner’s camp, the WCW side was making strides toward their own success in the medium. When WCW scheduled nine pay per views for the year 1995, McMahon counter-punched with an interesting concept: In Your House.

In Your House was to be a supplementary pay per view, offered at a reduced price, and would fill in the gaps between the five tentpole events. Running only two hours in length (for a while, anyway), In Your House was functionally Saturday Night’s Main Event, only airing Sundays in prime time, with a $14.95 price tag. And with less commercials for Michelob.

The In Your House events were a mixed bag – some were highly enjoyable, while others rank among the worst pay per views that WWE has ever produced. A good number of them were “one match shows” in which Bret Hart and/or Shawn Michaels saved from being a total loss. It does speak volumes that in 2013, WWE released a DVD of the best matches from the event, and it was a rather impressive set.

In Your House began on Mother’s Day 1995. Let’s spend the Monday after this year’s Mother’s Day weekend looking back at all 28 of those events, going from worst to best. It’s what mom would want.

28. In Your House 4 (22 October 1995)


Several sources have claimed that once the abominably-slow main event pitting Diesel against Davey Boy Smith came to an end, Vince McMahon slammed down his headset and rasped, “Horrible!” It was close to 11 months into the World Championship reign of Diesel, and the product wasn’t exactly where McMahon wanted them to be. When Jim Cornette actually drew a positive reaction for striking Diesel’s leg, it was a bad sign.

The fourth In Your House was doomed long before Diesel and Smith’s cure for insomnia, in part due to the abdication of the IC title by Shawn Michaels as a result of the “Syracuse incident”. The subsequent match between new champion Dean Douglas and Razor Ramon was clunky and noticeably awkward. Those two title bouts following a five-minute trudge between Yokozuna and Mabel, which ended in a maddening double-count out. Essentially, In Your House 4 was Backlash 2018, at half the length.

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