What Dog Breed Is WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns?

We know he’s big, but that’s about it…


This is arguably the most important article/public service announcement/slice of crucial investigative journalism I’ve conducted since I found out what animal Batista actually is.

Soon after the birth of Cultaholic, I realised that Michael Cole would just scream “IT’S THE BIG DOG” at the top of his lungs every single time Roman Reigns would appear at the top of a WWE ramp. No matter if it was Roman’s entrance for a big title match, his entrance for a long promo at the start of Raw, or if he just appeared for a run-in or something, Cole would scream, and I would wonder why.

Is he quite literally a puppet with a pull-string in his back like Woody? Maybe…

Anyway, Cole’s penchant for screaming things isn’t what this article is about, it’s about Roman Reigns’ completely organic nickname. I’m not exactly sure when it started, I guess it was around the time he started to claim every WWE ring is his yard, or that he isn’t a bad guy, or a good guy, he’s the guy – I don’t know. What we do know at this stage, however, is what the term Big Dog means in wider society. To get the best definition of Big Dog, I naturally headed for Urban Dictionary:

  • The baddest motherf****r in any group of Gs or Hustlas. The Big Dog is the shot caller and will whoop the ass of anyone present who does not fall in line.
  • One at the top of his game. Be it Business Man, Doctor, Drug Dealer, Pimp etc.
  • A descriptive term for an important person. Term to describe an extremely large and unnecessary vehicle, such as a Ford Expedition.

I’m sure you will agree that all three definitely apply to Roman Reigns, especially the second part talking about the pimps and whatnot.

Anyway, none of those definitions translates over to WWE because, as we all know by now, everything said on TV must be taken literally – especially when it comes to nicknames. Baron Corbin was an actual Lone Wolf before he went to Police Academy, Shinsuke Nakamura is in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame thanks to his prowess with guitar in hand, The Undertaker is an actual Phenom with red bogies, and Roman Reigns is a really significant canine. That’s all we know about Roman, however, and I feel it’s important that we learn more.

To keep things simple here, I’m going to list a number of characteristics that make Roman Reigns a Big Dog, and then from there, I will finally answer the question as to what Big Dog Roman Reigns actually is…

13. Does He Play Well With Others?


This is an ability all dogs must have up their proverbial sleeve, otherwise, they’ll have been bad boys and they’ll have to spend some time looking at a wall in the naughty corner or something.

Roman’s a bit weird when it comes to playing with those around him. In his younger days, he would hunt in a pack with friends he would consider to be as close as brothers. However, it’s clear he was doing something wrong behind closed doors because one of his pals smashed him in the back with a chair and turned on him. The RSPCA were called, it was all a bit messy.

Instead of staying close with the other brother in the situation, Roman and Dean went their separate ways – which I always found a bit strange, to be honest.

However, after the longest time fighting his own battles all on his lonesome, Roman has reunited with his friends and appears to be having a jolly good time.

Conclusion: Roman has shown the ability to go alone and not play well with others, while also displaying the kind of traits that make it look like he would fail to exist without his two closest pals by his side. Make of this what you will, but I’m going to say a resounding YES, he does play well with others – as long as he likes them.

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