10 Best AEW World Championship Matches (So Far)

How will Omega versus Page measure up against these?

8. Kenny Omega Vs. Jungle Boy - AEW Dynamite (June 26, 2021)

Speaking of people who are going to be a fixture of the AEW World Title scene in years to come, you expect that Jungle Boy will be in the mix as well. 

Young Jack Perry had looked impressive in his AEW career to this point, but many point to this as his breakout performance and the match that alerted people to his true potential. 

It helped that he was in there with the Best Bout Machine, in the thick of a fine title run and someone who is adept at taking a challenger that may seem like a longshot on paper and constructing a match that makes them feel like a believable winner. 

Headlining this special Saturday night edition of Dynamite, Jungle Boy made the absolute most of the opportunity and entered a gutsy performance as the spirited underdog, flying around (and out of) the ring at will. 

The crowd were with him, too, and played their part in making this feel like a big-time match, rather than an arbitrary defence. 

Omega gave him a lot and allowed himself to look vulnerable, bumping and selling well before teasing a tap-out while caught in the Snare Trap. Eventually, Kenny put him away and ended the dream (for now) with the One-Winged Angel, showing he just had too many big moves in his arsenal and too much experience at this point. 

This was pay-per-view quality stuff and a great look at AEW's future. 

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