10 Best Halloween Havoc Matches

No tricks, only treats.

9. Steve Austin Vs. Dustin Rhodes (1991)

Dustin rhodes steve austin halloween havoc 1992

Years before they were Stone Cold or Bizarre Ones, Steve Austin and Dustin Rhodes were two hot, young up-and-comers looking to break through the WCW glass ceiling (good luck with that one). 

The two were technically savvy and knew how to draw people into their matches, as evidenced by their United States Title match at Halloween Havoc 1991. 

'Stunning' Steve was defending and tried to ground The Natural, to no avail. Rhodes kept coming back like the working class, fiery babyface he was, as the match ebbed and flowed nicely. 

The early mat-based exchanges were quick and crisp and, eventually, Austin gained control when Dustin got busted open. 

Eventually, he came back and there was a really hot closing stretch that saw ol' Chilly McFreeze get cut as well. There was a true sense of desperation as they approached the fifteen minute mark, as Dustin threw everything he had at his opponent. 

Unfortunately for him, he ran out of time and Austin retained due to the draw. Regardless of the result, this was an excellent showing for both.  

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