10 Best Halloween Havoc Matches

No tricks, only treats.

8. Ric Flair Vs. Hulk Hogan (1994)

Hulk hogan ric flair cage match halloween havoc 1994

The arrival of Hulk Hogan in WCW brought with it a lot of gaga that had characterised his run in WWE. 

So for his WCW Title defense against Ric Flair at Halloween Havoc, not only was it a cage match, but both of their careers were also on the line and Mr. T was enlisted as the special guest referee. 

Despite all of those distractions, the work in the main body of the match was very good, as Flair did all of his usual theatrical bumping before the Hulkster decided to sell. 

Inevitably, B.A. Baracus got bumped and the match turned into pure sports entertainment thereafter. 

Sensuous Sherri tried to scale the cage and interfere, only for Jimmy Hart to pull her dress off. Sting came out to help, only to get clobbered by a mysterious masked man. Sherri finally got into the cage and handcuffed Mr. T to the ropes. 

Naturally, Hogan overcame all of the odds and got the W with the big boot and leg drop, brother, but it was good, chaotic fun. Even the post-match angle, with the masked man reveal and beatdown of Hogan, is good value. 

And Ric Flair never wrestled again. 

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