10 Best IMPACT Wrestling Debuts

Some fantastic first IMPACT outings...

8. Rhino

Add Rhino to the list of performers who didn’t quite reach their full potential when contracted to Titan Sports Incorporated. 

After some initial promise during the invasion, The Man Beast then settled into a comfortable mid-card role, a bit of a shame after his impressive stint in ECW where he stampeded through the promotion like a…like a…well, like a Rhino I suppose. 

After leaving WWE in 2005 over a smashed plant pot – not even kidding – most assumed that Rhino was TNA-bound. 

And, sure enough, after his 90-day no compete clause had expired, that’s exactly where he showed up. 

Running in after the conclusion of a brutal Dog Collar match between Abyss and Raven at the No Surrender pay-per-view, Rhino floored his former extreme running buddy and the then-NWA Champion with a big old Gore, seemingly at the behest of top heel Jeff Jarrett.

It was a great debut, capping off a stellar show and announcing that Rhyno was a mid-carder no more. In TNA, he would get the chance to become a main event player, something that a great many wrestling fans thought he always had the potential to be. 

It also paid off a show-long storyline where Jarrett was attempting to rally the TNA troops in order to stand up to Rhyno and any other ex-WWE stars who may be on their way to take their spots.  

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