10 Best Moments Of The Rock's WWE Comeback

It Has Been Ten Years Since The Great One FINALLY Returned To WWE

9. New Day Rocked

The rock new day raw 2016


A few months before scrapping with the Wyatts at WrestleMania, Rocky was getting into it with another up-and-coming stable on Raw, as he found himself in a verbal showdown with The New Day. 

But let's not jump ahead of ourselves, shall we, because The Rock's appearance on the January 25 2016 episode of WWE's flagship show involved much, much more. 

The show was being held in Miami and, with three hours of airtime to fill, WWE gave the hometown boy plenty of time to flex his verbal muscles. And his actual muscles, of course. The man was jacked beyond belief. 

His appearance started with a tease, as The Miz stepped out of a limo most thought contained The Great One, only for the man himself to show up seconds later in a truck, which he then instructed the Awesome One to park. 

After stopping to chat with rapper Rick Ross, Rock then found The Big Show and reminded the giant that he had won the 2000 Royal Rumble match by last eliminating him, which included a funny tease about how the director of The Mummy Returns vowed to cast the winner of the match as the Scorpion King in the franchise film. 

Next up our hero bumped into Lana and then Rusev, as the trio had an innuendo-laden confrontation playing off a prior meeting. The gist was that The Rock and Lana had spent some quality time together in a hotel room and she was 'flexible as hell'. 

Yes, some of this stuff doesn't really wash well in the modern era. 

Eventually, Rock came out to the ring and got into a war of words with Big E, Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston, but not before engaging with some rambunctious ringside fans dressed as Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan in a bit of ad-libbing that only somebody like him could get away with. 

The segment ended with Rock and his cousins The Uso's predictably laying the smackdown, but the whole thing was entertaining and the crowd were molten for it. 

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