10 Best Moments Of The Rock's WWE Comeback

It Has Been Ten Years Since The Great One FINALLY Returned To WWE

8. The Rock Gives John Cena A History Lesson

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The feud between The Rock and John Cena worked so well because it seamlessly blended fact and fiction, reality and make-believe. 

Some of their beef was carefully-scripted storyline but there were genuine feelings of animosity that crept into their promos and segments and gave the whole presentation a sense of realism that you didn't really see on WWE programming at the time. 

Cena, for his part, was annoyed at The Rock for leaving WWE and going off to Hollywood (oh, in hindsight, what bitter irony), while The Rock felt offended by Cena's comments and continually professed his love and respect for WWE and the fans. 

The upshot was it seemed to compel both men to step up their game in their televised clashes.

One of the best moments of their feud came when The Rock decided to give Cena a history lesson via a tour of Boston. It started with him chucking a bunch of Cena merchandise into the harbour, continued on to Rock talking trash to a Cena cardboard cut-out next to a statue of Paul Revere, and ended with The Rock continuing his verbal beatdown stood outside the Massachusetts State House. 

It was dynamite stuff and lead to an intense in-ring meeting at the end of the show. 

The Rock needed this, since the previous week he had become flustered when Cena pointed out the promo notes on his wrist. This was a great response and showed that The Rock was on top of his game and ready for WrestleMania. 

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