10 Best Randy Savage WCW Matches

Snap into some overlooked Macho Madness from WCW

9. Vs. Lex Luger - Nitro (December 4, 1995)

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Back to the early days of WCW Nitro now, when the show may have only clocked in at an hour in length but that didn't stop the company from putting on some major, pay-per-view worthy main events. 

On the December 4, 1995 edition of the show, Savage defended his WCW World Heavyweight Title against Lex Luger, the winner to meet Sting and Ric Flair in a triple-threat match at Starrcade. 

The Total Package was right in the middle of things at this point, acting the heel but still aligned with real-life best friend Sting in an interesting dynamic for the time. The rejuvenated Macho Man, on the other hand, was the champ and having a stellar run of matches that proved WWE may have been short-sighted in putting him out to pasture when they did. 

This was another good one, as they got plenty of time and were able to tell their story, which mainly revolved around Savage working over Luger's shoulder, which Lex sold well. 

It eventually spilled to the outside and, as both men were tiring, the ref was bumped, meaning Randy couldn't get the victory following his flying elbow. 

Cue Ric Flair, then Hulk Hogan, then a disappointing disqualification. It was an ending you could see coming a mile away, but it (and the post-match) certainly worked for the storyline and helped add more tension to the simmering situation with Savage, Hogan, Luger and Sting. 

WCW are probably the only company in the world which wouldn't book Luger and Sting versus The Megapowers on the back of the angle so, naturally, they didn't. 

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