10 Best Surprise WWE Returns

It's been twenty years since Ric Flair made his shocking return on a monumental episode of Monday Night Raw...

9. Shane McMahon - Raw (February 22, 2016)

Shane mcmahon return 2016

He may have worn out his welcome at times over the past five or so years, but Shane McMahon's shocking return was one of WWE's best surprises of the last decade. 

Vince's son had resigned from his position as WWE's Vice President of Global Media in October 2009. It was a move that caused quite a stir, as it raised questions about Shane's relationship with his father and the future ownership of WWE. 

In the almost seven years that followed, Shane kept busy in the business world and didn't so much as make a cameo appearance on WWE TV. It was assumed that he may never come back, especially as it looked increasingly likely that his sister Stephanie and brother-in-law Triple H were going to be given the keys to the castle one day. 

Him showing up and interrupting the Genetic Jackhammer and Billion Dollar Princess during the opening segment of Raw was not something that anyone called, as his return was kept strictly hush-hush. 

That little dance was a bit ropey for a man in his mid-40's to be doing, but we'll let him off. After all, Shane is officially the Best Wrestler in the World. I think he knows what he's doing. 

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