10 Best Surprise WWE Returns

It's been twenty years since Ric Flair made his shocking return on a monumental episode of Monday Night Raw...

8. The Ultimate Warrior - WrestleMania VIII

Ultimate warrior return hulk hogan wrestlemania viii

If anyone embodies the mantra that Vince McMahon will do business with someone, regardless of bad blood and as long as there is money to be made, it is the Ultimate Warrior. 

Few performers had such a tumultuous relationship with the WWE Chairman over the years, but Warrior was always brought back and given another chance because he was a bankable star. 

Jim Hellwig was first fired/quit following SummerSlam 1991, after McMahon baulked at a letter he had sent outlining demands relating to monetary compensation, schedule and travel arrangements. 

With Hulk Hogan set to go on hiatus following WrestleMania VIII, Vince called Warrior up and negotiated his return on the show. 

As the Hulkster was being beaten down by Papa Shango and Sid Justice following his disqualification victory over the latter, those familiar pulsating guitar riffs rang out and the man in the face paint sprinted down (the extra-long) aisle to clean house and save his fellow babyface. 

It was a very exciting end to the show and almost made up for the terrible main event.  


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