10 Best WWE Bodyguards

It has been 28 years since WWE became 'Diesel powered'...

9. Southern Justice

Southern justice wwe

After the Godwinns began to flounder, WWE decided to act by repackaging them as Southern Justice. 

No longer were they happy-go-lucky hog farmers, but suited-up hired guns competing under their given names. 

It was a total 180 from what they had done before and the duo had a lot of potential as an act. Their look and new moniker worked well, and an alliance with Jeff Jarrett and Tennessee Lee made sense, enhancing their presentation. 

Before too long, Southern Justice were feuding with the red-hot D-Generation X, wrestling X-Pac and the New Age Outlaws at the Breakdown pay-per-view. 

Dennis Knight and Mark Cantebury helped Double J a lot over the summer and added to his aura. They also helped him cut the hair of Sergeant Slaughter and Howard Finkel in the run up to his Hair versus Hair match with X-Pac at SummerSlam '98, showing what they were willing to do for the man who kept them in snakeskin vests. 

Unfortunately, just as the act seemed to gather momentum, things ground to a screeching halt due an injury to Cantebury, which eventually led to him retiring from the business altogether. 

The silver lining of course is that, in a roundabout way, their breakup resulted in Naked Mideon.

Sorry, not 'silver lining'. I meant 'terrible consequence'. Always get those two mixed up. 

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