10 Best WWE European Champions

27 men held the belt between 1997-2002...

9. Al Snow

9. al snow as wwe european champion


Going from Triple H to Al Snow is what some would call a ‘hard left turn’, but the fact that Al ranks higher than Hunter is not as alien as you may think.

While Snow, another Attitude Era mainstay who got over thanks to a novel gimmick and his versatility, didn’t hold the European Championship for long, he did what many from the time did a lot better than some today: he made whatever television time he did have count.

After winning the title, Snow proceeded to come out each week as a new amalgamation of a European stereotype.

There was the David Hasselhoff-loving, lederhosen-wearing, sausage-eating German. There was a beret-wearing, poodle-walking, baguette-eating Frenchman. There was the, erm, leather jack and glasses wearing Greek…

Anyway, while the continental cosplay didn’t exactly lead to much upward mobility, it is a fondly remembered gimmick and contributed to one of the more standout European Title reigns of the time.

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