10 Best WWE Fastlane Matches So Far

There have been some enjoyable pitstops on the Road To WrestleMania...

9. Braun Strowman Vs. Roman Reigns (2017)

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Though they were very much killing time on the road to WrestleMania, where Roman had a main event date with The Undertaker and Strowman had a, erm, spot in the pre-show 33-man Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, both Reigns and Braun made the best of their match at Fastlane. 

This had great intensity from the off, as the Monster Among Men continually overpowered the Big Dog by throwing him around the ring and cutting him off whenever Reigns attempted to rally. 

Thankfully, the two decided to play to their strengths by brawling and predominantly using power moves. It was a simple story being told, but they told it well, with Reigns unable to get Strowman off his feet and needing to duck out of the way in order to avoid catastrophe and get some respite. 

Though it wasn't No Disqualification rules or anything, the referee gave them plenty of leeway and didn't call the match when Braun nailed a big running Powerslam through the announce table. 

Roman eventually did make his comeback with a Spear and series of Superman Punches, forcing Strowman to go out of his comfort zone and attempt a flying headbutt from the top rope, only to miss and leave himself open for another (match-ending) Spear. 

I'm not sure it was the right call to have Braun take a clean loss here, since he was coming into his own as a worker and had been well protected to that point, but the match was bordering on great regardless.

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