10 Best WWE World Champion Vs. World Champion Matches

Battle of the belts!

9. King Booker Vs. John Cena Vs. Big Show - Cyber Sunday 2006

John cena king booker cyber sunday 2006

Similar to the previous match, the main event of Cyber Sunday 2006 would also feature the WWE Champion, World Heavyweight Champion and ECW Champion colliding at the same time. 

This time, however, fans would get to vote for which title would be on the line, giving us the possibility that one of the men involved would walk out as a double champ. 

Fans voted overwhelming for Booker's strap to be put up for grabs, with a whopping 67 percent of fans preferring a World Heavyweight Title match. Naturally, this almost brought the King to tears. 

Once again, all three athletes had plenty of experience wrestling the others, so the chemistry was there. The story of the match seemed to be Cena and Booker trying to get rid of Show, with the World's Largest Athlete coming back to make them suffer despite being at a numerical disadvantage. 

The match was long (over twenty minutes) and built to a wacky finish, as Queen Sharmell ran in and took an FU before Kevin Federline arrived on the scene to distract Cena long enough for Booker to recover, smash him with the title and retain. 

If you ignore how preposterous the whole Cena versus K-Fed saga was and watch it as just a match, it's very enjoyable indeed. 

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